Party’s Over – Back to Work Dad.


The 2013 Super Bowl XLVII has come and gone and the football widows have their husbands back. Dads across the country have been returned to their families for yard work, attending weekly devotionals and the dreaded honey-do lists. Dad looks up from behind a pile of leaves with a crooked smile and thinks:

“What a second half.

Super Bowl XLVII will go down in the history books as “Blackout Bowl” – not for the excessive drinking in Baltimore after their hard-won victory over the 49ers – but for the more than 30-minute power outage in the middle of the game.  The blackout added a surreal and miraculous element to second half, completely changing the momentum of the game.

Apparently, not everyone missed the Sunday services during football season. There may have been an altogether different type of “Hail Mary” at work this year than we are used to from San Francisco. The game saw the 49ers on their heels, along with their quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who could do nothing right in the early going.

Kaepernick was definitely looking for some shade when the lights went out. With a score of 28 to 6 early in the third quarter there wasn’t a corner dark enough. Kaepernick must have put the quiet time to good use because he came out a different man – on a mission as it were.

It could have been a half an hour of unified prayer from the Bay area or even an outright act of Divine Intervention, but Kaepernick came out firing on all cylinders, shredding the Ravens’ defense and leading the 49ers to 17 unanswered points and a respectable 31 to 34 loss.

 What a second half.

No one likes their team to lose but when they comes back and makes an exciting game out of what was shaping up to be a real yawner – it makes it all worth while. Even the winning Baltimore Ravens got a gut check and a run for their money, giving the fans one heck of a show.


So now things are all back to normal. Dad’s cleaning out the eaves trough and finally getting around to fixing a leak under the kitchen sink. Mom looks for Dad to change a light bulb but he’s nowhere to be found …

He’s in a dark corner of the house – online researching the upcoming Draft.


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One Response to Party’s Over – Back to Work Dad.

  1. ManicDdaily says:

    Ha! Always something to do (other than changing a lightbulb!) This is something I well understand. Thanks. k.

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